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Barn & Stable Giant Fly Trap

Barn & Stable Giant Fly Trap


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Discover the Barn & Stable Giant Fly Trap from Catchmaster, a non-toxic solution designed to effectively control horse flies, biting flies, and stable flies. This powerful trap features an effective attractant and a large surface area, maximizing catch rates while ensuring safety for animals and humans. Perfect for maintaining a healthy environment in barns, stables, and surrounding areas.

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Safeguarding Your Barn & Stable Environments with Giant Fly Trap

At CatchmasterGRO, we understand the unique challenges that flies present in barns and stables. Our Barn & Stable Giant Fly Glue Trap is specifically designed to tackle these problems, providing a powerful, effective solution to keep fly populations under control and protect the health of your animals and cleanliness of your facilities.

Effective Fly Control Tailored for Barns and Stables

The Barn & Stable Giant Fly Trap features a large surface area and specially formulated attractant that is irresistible to flies. This ensures maximum catch rates, significantly reducing fly populations in barn and stable environments. By deploying these traps, you can create a more comfortable and stress-free atmosphere for your livestock, helping to prevent the irritation and disease transmission caused by flies.

Enhanced Animal Health and Comfort

Flies are a major nuisance for animals, causing stress and potentially spreading diseases like mastitis and infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis. The Barn & Stable Giant Fly Glue Trap directly contributes to better health and comfort for your livestock by effectively capturing flies that can carry these ailments. With fewer flies to bother your animals, you can expect improvements in overall animal welfare and productivity.

Protecting Crops and Feed from Fly-Related Risks

While primarily designed for use in barns and stables, our Giant Fly Glue Trap also helps safeguard adjacent crop areas and feed storage from fly invasion. By controlling fly numbers, the trap minimizes the risk of feed contamination and helps prevent the spread of plant pathogens, ensuring that your agricultural outputs are protected and of high quality.

Maintaining Facility Integrity and Operation

Our Giant Fly Glue Trap aids in keeping barn and stable facilities clean and operational. By reducing the fly population, the trap prevents the accumulation of unsightly and corrosive fly specks and droppings on equipment and structures. This helps maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of your facilities, reducing the need for frequent cleanings and repairs.