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Tarjeta Adhesiva, Azul

Tarjeta Adhesiva, Azul


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CatchmasterGRO's 3" x 5" Double-Sided Blue Sticky Cards set the benchmark for precision in pest monitoring, specifically optimized for attracting and tracking thrips. The blue color is particularly effective at monitoring this pest, providing essential data on their presence in your environment. Each card includes a grid pattern for accurate population density estimates and should be placed strategically at the base, middle, and canopy levels of plants for comprehensive coverage. Regular checks and timely replacement of the cards ensure ongoing protection and monitoring.

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Targeted Thrip Control with Blue Sticky Card Monitors

CatchmasterGRO’s 3" x 5" Double-Sided Blue Sticky Cards redefine effectiveness in thrip management within agricultural settings. These monitors are engineered specifically to attract thrips, using a blue hue that optimally lures this particular pest, providing vital data for managing their populations in your crops.

Specialized Design for Maximum Attraction

Our Blue Sticky Cards use a specific shade of blue that is scientifically proven to be highly attractive to thrips, ensuring that these pests are drawn to the cards and away from your plants. The double-sided design increases the capture area, maximizing efficiency and enhancing your control strategy against these damaging insects.

Optimal Placement for Comprehensive Monitoring

To achieve the best results, distribute these sticky cards throughout your planting area, positioning them at the base, middle, and canopy levels to intercept thrips at all stages of their approach. Regular inspection and replacement of the cards are crucial to maintain effective monitoring and ensure continuous protection.

Accurate Data Collection for Informed Decisions

Equipped with a grid pattern, each Blue Sticky Card allows for easy counting and density estimation of thrip populations. This feature is essential for assessing infestation levels and tailoring your pest management practices precisely to your farm’s needs.

Eco-Friendly and Effective Pest Management

CatchmasterGRO is dedicated to promoting sustainable farming practices. Our Blue Sticky Cards are a non-toxic monitoring tool that helps keep chemical use in check while effectively controlling thrip populations, thereby supporting a healthier, more sustainable agricultural environment.