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Oasis Ovi-Mini Mosquito Trap Refills

Oasis Ovi-Mini Mosquito Trap Refills


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Ensure uninterrupted mosquito control in agricultural settings with Oasis Ovi-Mini Mosquito Trap Refills. These refills help maintain effective pest management, preventing diseases and supporting animal welfare while being cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Ideal for farms, our glue trap refills provide a continuous defense against mosquitoes, enhancing safety and productivity without the use of harsh chemicals.
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Effective Mosquito Management with Oasis Ovi-Mini Mosquito Trap Refills

Catchmaster is dedicated to enhancing the health and productivity of farm environments through our innovative glue trap refills for mosquito traps. These refills are designed to maintain the effectiveness of your existing mosquito control systems, ensuring continuous protection against the health and safety risks posed by mosquitoes on farms.

Continuous Disease Prevention

Our glue trap refills are key in ongoing efforts to prevent diseases that mosquitoes transmit to both livestock and humans. By consistently replacing used traps with fresh refills, farms can ensure an uninterrupted defense against various mosquito-borne illnesses like Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus. This not only helps in maintaining animal health and farm worker safety but also aids in preventing potential outbreaks, keeping your farming operations secure.

Sustained Productivity and Animal Welfare

The effectiveness of Catchmaster’s glue trap refills extends to improving overall farm efficiency by reducing the mosquito population that can cause significant discomfort and stress to livestock. With fewer mosquitoes, animals experience less irritation, leading to better overall health, higher milk production, and improved growth rates. This results in optimized farm productivity and profitability, making our refills an essential component of your pest management strategy.

Economical and Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Catchmaster’s glue trap refills offer a cost-effective and environmentally responsible approach to mosquito control. By reducing the need for frequent pesticide applications, these refills not only save money but also minimize ecological impacts, such as pesticide resistance and harm to non-target species. The long-lasting effectiveness of our refills ensures that farms can achieve a high level of pest control while upholding environmental stewardship principles.