Our Goal is to Help You Grow by Creating a Sustainable, Pest-Free Environment

The future is chemical-free and pesticide-free.

Our patented, non-toxic, waterproof Intelligent Pest Management tools are specially designed to help you get there first.

  • Sticky Cards

    Sticky cards come in packs of thirty-six (36) or seventy-two (72) cards with stands and twist ties for optimal pest monitoring technique. CatchmasterGRO's patented, non-toxic glue formula was designed with special viscosity to allow the grower to interact with the card with less mess and frustration.

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  • AG Rolls

    CatchmasterGRO's Ag Rolls offer a staggering 1312 sq. ft. of double-sided sticky surface that is perfect for mass trapping. They come in 6" and 12" x 328' each. Each box contains two 12" and four 6" rolls. At $.08 per sq. ft, it is hard to find a more straightforward, scalable solution for pest trapping in large, enclosed spaces.

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  • Other Solutions

    If you're having pest problems other than Thrips, Fungus Gnats, White Flies, or Aphids, CatchmasterGRO has a series of other products specially designed with our patented, non-toxic glue formula to deal with Flies, Spiders, Mice, Roaches, among many others. Our glue is satisfaction guaranteed and made exclusively in the USA.

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More From CatchmasterGRO's Very Own Alex Schroeder

CatchmasterGRO's Premium Product Line

Make your products safer for your consumers and more profitable for you using one of CatchmasterGRO's proven double-sided sticky traps.

Catchmaster by CatchmasterGRO

Bad bugs are Bad bugs. They take resources from the helpful ones and are unsanitary. Deal with them using Catchmaster products sold exclusively through CatchmasterGRO.com

Vector Fly Lights

Vector Fly Lights are unbeatable when it comes to controlling gnats and flies in your grow facility. The lights act as a powerful attractant and our patented, non-toxic glue traps make sure they never escape.

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