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Animal Pen & Stable Biting Fly Trap Refills

Animal Pen & Stable Biting Fly Trap Refills


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Keep your Animal Pen & Stable Biting Fly Traps performing optimally with our easy-to-use refills, designed specifically to maintain continuous protection against horse flies and other biting insects in your pens, stables, and grazing areas. These non-toxic refills ensure your livestock remain safe and stress-free, using proven attractants to effectively manage fly populations. Ideal for sustainable farming, our refills offer a cost-effective solution to keep your environment healthy and productive throughout the fly season.
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Ensure Continuous Protection with Catchmaster's Biting Fly Trap Refills

Keep your agricultural defenses strong with Catchmaster Biting Fly Trap Refills, designed to replenish your existing traps in pens, stables, and grazing areas. These refills ensure that your traps continue to operate at peak efficiency, providing ongoing protection against horse flies and other biting insects to maintain the health and productivity of your livestock.

Sustained Fly Control with Easy-to-Use Refills

Our Biting Fly Trap Refills are crafted to match the original product’s effectiveness, using non-toxic attractants to continuously capture biting flies. The easy-to-install refills help maintain an environment free from pests, safeguarding your livestock from the stress and health complications associated with fly bites.

Consistent Animal Health and Productivity

By regularly replacing your Catchmaster trap inserts with fresh refills, you ensure a constant barrier against irritating pests. This consistency reduces stress for your animals, leading to uninterrupted grazing and rest—key factors in maintaining optimal health and maximizing productivity in your herds.

Non-Toxic and Safe for Frequent Use

Each refill maintains the safety standards set by the original Catchmaster Biting Fly Trap, using chemical-free materials that are safe for animals and humans alike. This commitment to non-toxic pest control supports sustainable farming practices, enhancing animal welfare without harming the environment.

Convenient and Cost-Effective

Catchmaster Biting Fly Trap Refills are designed for convenience, fitting seamlessly into your existing setups without the need for additional tools or complicated procedures. This cost-effective solution allows you to manage fly populations effectively without significant reinvestment in new trapping equipment.