You can't trust search engine results.

The images found on Google and other search engines can be deceptive and low quality. CatchmasterGRO has partnered with industry experts to solve this issue. The Pest ID card contains accurate images of the most common insects in grow facilities.

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The Pest ID Poster is based on CatchmasterGRO's 3x5 Yellow Sticky Cards.

Our Yellow Sticky Cards are widely recognized as the industry standard in IPM for their versatility and one-of-a-kind glue formula that is harmless to the environment, but inescapable for crop killers.

They are an easy-to-use method of gathering data from throughout your facility.

Place sticky cards at ground-level and in the middle of the plant. They can also be hung from the rafters using the twist ties included in the box of the facility as well for increased coverage. Pair with our yellow Ag Rolls for complete coverage of your grow spaces and added ability for tracking flying insects.

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We recommend a employing a mix of Blue and Yellow Sticky Cards.

This will help improve the accuracy of your measurements throughout your facility.

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