What is Intelligent Pest Management?

It is a data collection capability that allows you to make decisions with the health of your entire facility in mind.

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Think your insect populations are balanced?

Quantify it by pairing our Yellow Sticky Cards with Yellow Ag Rolls in your grow space.

Sticky cards monitor plant-level pressure.

They'll help you provide specialized treatment for your crop at different areas of your facility.

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Ag Rolls monitor facility-level activity.

Use Ag Roll monitors to develop and drive compliance with your bio, cultural, and chemical control policies facility-wide.

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CatchmasterGRO's products are designed to maximize the value of your crop.

CatchmasterGRO's Yellow sticky cards are great at collecting plant-specific data while Ag Rolls can help you treat pest problems and gather data at the facility-level. Use both together to get a complete picture of the health of your grow space.

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Bulk order discounts and commercial accounts are available. Contact Alex Schroeder today.