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Farm, Field & Barn Fly Traps for Flying Threats

At CatchmasterGRO, we recognize the multifaceted dangers that flies pose to farms, affecting everything from livestock health to crop quality. Our range of fly traps, including bags, jars, strips, and sticks, are designed with advanced pest management technologies to efficiently combat fly infestations and prevent the myriad issues they cause.

Comprehensive Fly Control with Versatile Trapping Solutions

Our diverse array of fly trapping solutions—bags, jars, strips, and sticks—offers effective, non-toxic ways to capture flies. These products are designed to be easy to use and highly effective in attracting and trapping flies, which helps reduce their populations and minimize their harmful impact on your farm. By strategically placing these traps around your property, you can significantly cut down on fly numbers and maintain a healthier environment for both livestock and crops.

Customized Fly Management for Enhanced Livestock Health

Flies are notorious for spreading diseases among livestock and causing stress and discomfort which can affect animal productivity and welfare. CatchmasterGRO’s fly traps help mitigate these risks by significantly reducing fly exposure to animals. Our traps lower the chances of disease transmission and stress in livestock by keeping fly populations under control, promoting a more comfortable and disease-free environment for your animals.

Enhanced Farm Equipment and Facility Protection

CatchmasterGRO fly traps help maintain cleanliness and functionality of farm equipment and facilities. By controlling fly numbers, our traps prevent the buildup of fly specks and droppings, which can corrode machinery and clog ventilation systems. This protection helps extend the lifespan of your equipment and maintains the integrity of your farm infrastructure.

Unwavering Quality and Effectiveness in Fly Management

Each product in our fly trap line is rigorously tested to ensure the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. Whether you choose our fly bags, jars, strips, or sticks, you can be confident in CatchmasterGRO’s commitment to providing reliable, professional-grade solutions. With our traps, you are equipped to tackle fly problems head-on, protecting your livestock, crops, equipment, and overall farm productivity from the diverse threats posed by flies.