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Rollo agrícola amarillo, 328'x6"

Rollo agrícola amarillo, 328'x6"


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Secure your barns and stables with Catchmaster’s 6" x 328' Biting & Horse Fly Trap Sticky Rolls, our solution for protecting your livestock from horse flies, house flies, mosquitoes, and biting flies. They fit well into tight spaces and their blue color draws the flies to them and away from your horses, cows, and other animals, protecting them from injury and illness. They cost approximately $.30 per sq. ft., making them one of the most cost effective animal and livestock protection tools while also being completely non-toxic to them as well.

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  • Suspend/Hang

    How It Works: The trap is hung from structures such as rafters or beams, either horizontally or vertically, to catch flies in mid-air and to keep the traps away from animals and humans.

    Benefits: This method allows for excellent air exposure and minimizes accidental contact, making it safe and efficient.

  • Wrap Around Pillars or Posts

    How It Works: Sticky trap rolls are wrapped around vertical supports like posts within high-traffic areas, effectively capturing flies that frequent these paths.

    Benefits: It is easy to maintain and replace, and uses existing structures to save space.

  • Lay Along Window Sills or Eaves

    How It Works: Traps are laid out flat in areas where pests congregate such as under eaves or on window sills to target resting flies.

    Benefits: This placement is discreet and effective, focusing on areas where pests are known to gather.

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CatchmasterGRO’s 6" x 328' Biting & Horse Fly Trap Sticky Rolls: Comprehensive Protection for Livestock

Secure your barns and stables, and ensure the well-being of your livestock with Catchmaster’s 6" x 328' Biting & Horse Fly Glue Trap Rolls. Our specially designed rolls are your frontline defense against a variety of flying pests such as horse flies, house flies, mosquitoes, and biting flies, offering extensive coverage and protection in high-risk environments.

Optimized Attraction with Specialized Design

Catchmaster’s glue trap rolls feature a unique blue color that naturally attracts flies. This clever design diverts the attention of harmful pests away from your animals and onto the trap itself, significantly reducing the risk of bites, disease transmission, and general distress among your livestock. By concentrating fly activity on the traps, your animals enjoy a safer and more peaceful environment.

Economical and Efficient Pest Control

Offering approximately $.61 per square foot, our glue trap rolls present one of the most cost-effective solutions for pest control in agricultural settings. This budget-friendly option does not sacrifice quality or performance; it provides a substantial adhesive surface to capture large numbers of flies, ensuring effective control over the flying pest population around your barns and stables.

Safe and Non-Toxic Protection

Safety is paramount in all Catchmaster products. Our Biting & Horse Fly Glue Trap Rolls are completely non-toxic, making them safe to use around horses, cows, and other livestock. They are an ideal choice for farms committed to using humane and environmentally friendly pest control methods, keeping your animals healthy and protected without the use of harmful chemicals.

Reliable Fly Control for a Healthier Farm Environment

Catchmaster’s Biting & Horse Fly Glue Trap Rolls are engineered to offer reliable and sustainable pest control. By keeping fly populations under control, these traps help to prevent the spread of fly-borne diseases and create a healthier environment for your livestock. Trust Catchmaster to help you achieve a more productive and disease-free farm, enhancing the overall quality of life for your animals.