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2 Biting & Horse Fly Trap Sticky Rolls for Barns & Stables - 12" x 328'

2 Biting & Horse Fly Trap Sticky Rolls for Barns & Stables - 12" x 328'


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Protect your barns and stables effectively with Catchmaster’s 12" x 328' Biting & Horse Fly Trap Sticky Rolls for Barns & Stables, expertly designed to shield your livestock from horse flies, house flies, mosquitoes, and other biting flies. The wider roll is ideal for larger open areas, and its appealing blue hue actively attracts flies, diverting them away from your animals and helping to prevent injuries and illnesses. Offering great value at approximately $.30 per sq. ft., this sticky trap roll is a cost-effective and safe pest control solution, ensuring your livestock's protection without the use of toxins.

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  • Overhead Suspension

    Procedure: Attach the trap vertically or horizontally to ceiling beams or rafters. This strategic positioning intercepts flies mid-flight and maintains the trap at a safe distance from humans and animals.

    Benefits: The elevated setup enhances air circulation around the trap, optimizing its efficacy while minimizing unintended interactions, ensuring a safer and more effective operation.

  • Column Wrapping

    Procedure: Encircle vertical supports such as poles within areas of frequent fly activity with the sticky trap rolls. This method effectively ensnares flies as they navigate along these common pathways.

    Benefits: This technique is straightforward to oversee and renew, cleverly incorporating the architecture to economize on spatial usage, making it a convenient option for pest control.

  • Eave & Ledge

    Procedure: Deploy traps flat in areas prone to pest accumulation, such as under eaves or on windowsills, to catch flies in their resting phases.

    Benefits: This setup is tactfully discreet and targeted, precisely focusing on known pest hotspots for maximum impact.

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CatchmasterGRO’s 12" x 328' Biting & Horse Fly Glue Trap Rolls for Non-toxic Livestock Protection

Fortify your barns and stables with Catchmaster’s 12" x 328' Biting & Horse Fly Glue Trap Rolls, designed to provide robust protection for your livestock against an array of flying pests including horse flies, house flies, mosquitoes, and biting flies. These rolls deliver extensive coverage, safeguarding your animals in areas most susceptible to pest threats.

Superior Attraction with Innovative Design

The distinctive blue hue of Catchmaster’s glue trap rolls acts as a natural lure for flies, cleverly redirecting potentially harmful pests from your livestock to the adhesive traps. This strategic design significantly lessens the likelihood of insect bites, disease spread, and stress among your farm animals, fostering a calmer and safer habitat.

Cost-Effective and High-Performance Pest Management

Priced around $.30 per square foot, these glue trap rolls are among the most economical choices available for pest control in farm settings. Despite their affordability, these traps do not compromise on quality or efficacy, providing a large adhesive area that successfully captures numerous flies and maintains control over the pest population near your livestock quarters.

Non-Toxic and Safe Pest Defense

Safety is a cornerstone of all Catchmaster products, and our Biting & Horse Fly Glue Trap Rolls are no exception. Free from toxic chemicals, these traps are perfectly safe for use around horses, cows, and other farm animals, making them an excellent selection for farms dedicated to ethical and eco-friendly pest control practices.

Dependable Pest Suppression for a Thriving Farm

Engineered for reliability and sustainability, Catchmaster’s glue traps are pivotal in managing fly numbers and mitigating the transmission of pest-carried diseases. By stabilizing pest activity, these traps contribute to a healthier farm ecosystem, thus supporting enhanced animal well-being and productivity. Trust in Catchmaster to bolster your farm’s defense against flies, enriching the quality of life for your livestock with dependable and safe pest solutions.